How To Attract Good Candidates To Work For Our Organization?

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As I was flipping through my media socials, I saw lot of happening pictures of company celebrations, annual dinners, kick offs, team buildings sessions, communications days so on so forth. Of course we are still at the early of our New Year 2024 and some business plans just kicking off. That would include my Group of company and as I was scanning the room, I realized that we have pretty good balanced of generations. However, within certain companies, lies a clear generation gap which needs alteration. May not be alternation on the generation itself perhaps to the company, ambiance or benefits or working hours. Let’s see how we can attract the right generations or the right talent to join our organization.

Before we go there, for those who are still confuse on which generation you belong to, can refer to this table, or feel free to google ok! 😊

GenerationsBornCurrent Ages
Gen Z1997-201212-27
Gen X1965-198044-59
Understanding the different generations in the workplace is imperative to create a positive inter-generational relationship. Each generations have their own values, work ethics, and attitudes that they bring to the table. As I write this, I am constantly learning how to understand each generations to keep me sane (errr.. I mean.. to make me grow or to hold them better!) as for each generations would have their best skills and attitude, thus, I thought perhaps I should learn on how to attract the right talent from all generations to fill the gap, but how do I attract them? Here’s what I learned so far;

How to attract RIGHT TALENT to work for your organization?

Attracting candidates to work for an organization involves showcasing a combination of appealing factors related to the company’s culture, values, opportunities for growth, and the overall work environment. Here are some aspects that can be attractive to potential candidates:

  1. Strong Company Culture: Highlight a positive and inclusive company culture. Emphasize values such as teamwork, collaboration, and employee well-being.
  2. Opportunities for Career Growth: Candidates are often drawn to organizations that offer clear paths for career advancement and professional development.
  3. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Competitive salaries, bonuses, and comprehensive benefits packages can be strong incentives for potential employees.
  4. Work-Life Balance: Promote a healthy work-life balance and any flexible work arrangements or policies your organization supports. I think all Gens now prefer this arrangement.
  5. Innovative and Exciting Projects: If your organization is involved in cutting-edge projects or initiatives, make sure to showcase this as it can attract candidates looking for exciting and challenging work.
  6. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: A commitment to diversity and inclusion is increasingly important to job seekers. Highlight any initiatives or programs that demonstrate your organization’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  7. Employee Recognition and Rewards: Showcase any employee recognition programs or rewards that acknowledge and appreciate employees’ contributions. Not only the younger generations are excited about R&R, even the baby boomers are too!
  8. Strong Leadership: Highlight the leadership team’s experience and commitment to creating a positive work environment. Our core values and how it relate to strong leadership or stewardship.
  9. Employee Testimonials: Sharing positive testimonials or success stories from current employees can provide authentic insights into the employee experience at your organization.
  10. Social Responsibility Initiatives: If your organization is involved in philanthropy or social responsibility initiatives, make sure to communicate these efforts, as many candidates value employers with a sense of social responsibility. Sharing is caring and it should start at home.  In this case in our own organization community.
  11. Training and Development Programs: Emphasize any training programs, mentorship opportunities, or continuing education support available to employees.
  12. Transparent Communication: Open and transparent communication about company goals, changes, and future plans can create trust and attract candidates who appreciate a transparent work environment.
  13. Workplace Flexibility: Highlight any flexible work arrangements, remote work options, or other policies that support a healthy work-life balance.  Everyone is quite taken with WFH ideas now compared to 3 years ago.
  14. Innovative Technology and Tools: If your organization utilizes cutting-edge technology or tools, make sure to showcase these as they can attract candidates interested in staying at the forefront of their industry.
  15. Recognition in the Industry: If your organization has received awards, accolades, or positive recognition in the industry, share this information to build credibility and attract top talent.

But remember, a good employer brand that authentically communicates the positive aspects of our organization can significantly enhance our ability to attract and retain the right talent. Do take note that even the talent will look into our company rating, this is open for public to see hence although we are a boutique or multi diverse organization, having the positive rating is super important to have, besides the others mentioned above.

Well hope it helps for us to really find the right talents. If you want us to assist you with your talent acquisition, please visit us at

Azie Karim, HOO-AP Slensa Sdn Bhd, 22nd Jan 2024