What Our Clients Say


“They are very helpful, consultative, and able to fulfil our recruitment needs whenever required. Will always support SLENSA”

Azam San – MD of NIFCO Manufacturing

“The value of the work done for my company and group of companies are amazing and they constantly add up with assistance in employing for the graduate program.  I am an advocate to SLENSA and has no issue referring our clients to SLENSA”

Hajjah Susana – CEO -Kausar Wealth Management

“Quality of work delivered are spot on.  We are happy with our candidates and will comeback for more”

Hajjah Hasina – Development Director – Hajjah Aminah Food Industries

“Their capabilities in managing our recruitment and placement of candidates in the current and previous project such as GREEN SLIM, PROGRESS, PROTÉGÉS, MYSTEP and K-YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM has been very good and consistent.  Every year they face different challenges yet they rise to the occasion . we have been using their services for 6 years now.”

Irshad Consulting SB

“SLENSA team have been very good in finding matching candidates suitable to our needs and fits to our budget. Even for a senior position, the quality is superb. I am happy with the few candidates we hired so far especially the FC”

En Malim – CEO of SKEM

“The quality of engineers given by SLENSA have been really good and we have absorbed many of them over the years of our relationships. We look forward for more quality engineers and technician.“ 

En Alias – SNR HR PHN a group of DRBHICOM